Archetypal Profiles

Growing Intentional Families Together can provide each family member with an Archetypal Profile.

An “Archetype,” as defined by Carl Jung, is a “universal and recurring image, pattern, or motif representing a typical human experience.” It is a pattern and behavior that is part of our psyche as well as our social systems.

Archetypes are the “architects” of our life. They influence every aspect of “who we are” and influence the basic choices that we make.

Archetypal patterns are neutral until we give them meaning through our experience. This meaning can reflect within us as either positive or negative depending on our perception within our world.

According to the studies of Carolyn Myss, a renowned teacher and author, there are twelve archetypes that have had a direct influence on each individual since birth. Although four are primary and universal to everyone, eight are not. Rather, they are specific to each individual based on their experience and make-up.

Through Growing Intentional Families Together, you can learn about your archetypal make-up. It can be a key ingredient to understanding yourself and your family members. Knowing the detailed self-portrait of each and every family member can be useful in:

    • Healing painful memories
    • Managing day-to-day life choices
    • Enhancing the quality of your life, and
    • Creating better interactions within the family

Contact Growing Intentional Families Together to learn about the individual archetypes that make up your life and that of your family.


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