Support for Adoptive Parents: Know Your Options

Adopting a child is an experience like no other. When it happens, your heart is so full.
You'll feel it swell with:

Joy. Your family has grown in the most wonderful way.
Excitement. There's so much to experience now!
Wonder. It's finally happened – and it's more than you've ever dreamed of.
And love, oh so much LOVE.

But adoption can sometimes carry with it other emotions. Things you didn't know when the miracle first occurred.

Anxiety. Will you form the bond you so desperately want?
Fear. How will adoption change your family?
Confusion. Where do I even begin?

It's normal – everything you're thinking and feeling is normal. But you don't have to go it alone.

There are many support options available out there for adoptive families or foster caregivers who need guidance. We too have been down this road and know how much it means to have a voice of reason and experience helping us through it all. We also know how comforting it feels to have someone (or several people) to reach out to when you just need to talk through what's happening in your life. Few realize how unique a situation adoption can be for a new family. We understand – and we're here to help with real support for adoptive parents.

Adoptive Family Coaching
For adoptive parents or foster caregivers seeking support in the form of coaching, Growing Intentional Families Together Family Services is there at every step of the way. We've been there – we're adoptive parents too and we know exactly what you're experiencing. Through coaching, we help adoptive parents build strategies for moving forward in a healthy and loving way, helping you navigate through the adoption process. We offer help for adoptive parents in all stages of life, in any situation, or at any stage of the adoption process. From helping you answer the tough questions prior to adoption to giving post-adoption support, Growing Intentional Families Together is there. Learn more about our coaching philosophy and what you can expect from our adoption coaches.

Adoptive Parent Support Groups
Sometimes, it just helps to be in the company of others who are experiencing the same emotions, the same fears, and the same doubts. Seeking the support of an adoptive parent support group, online or offline, is an option that many adoptive families seek as they transition into a new family unit. Adoptive parent support groups offer encouragement, strength, and hope for those seeking assistance from others who are dealing with the stresses of adoption right here, right now. To find an adoptive parent support group in your area, consult this support group search, or if there isn't one available near you, think about starting one. Growing Intentional Families Together can provide guidance on creating an adoptive parent support group in your neighborhood through our custom-designed workshops or adoption coaching services.

Personal or Family Therapy
Some adoptive parents may also look into personal or family therapy to guide them through the maze of emotions that come with the experience of adoption. There are many options out there for psychotherapy, so it's best to investigate what is available to you in your local area. Every therapist has a different approach; find one that works best with your needs as a person and as a family.

Adoptive Parenting Resources
In addition to the options listed above, there are also plenty of opportunities for education and development, as well as self-help. To learn more about adoptive parenting resources, visit our Resources page.

Remember – these are just a few of the options out there. Every family has specific needs and is special, so don't be afraid to explore the options to find what works best for you. No matter which path you choose, know that GIFT Family Services is there to offer support for adoptive parents.

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