During the Adoption Coaching

You have decided to take the leap and adopt a child! Now what?

Do you find yourself...

navigating the adoption process with all of the paperwork, interviews, and visits? There is even more to this phase of adoption than than jumping through these hoops.

We have experienced the process of adopting children domestically, internationally, transracially, through the foster care system and through private adoption. We have children who have open adoptions and children who know little to nothing. Each type of adoption brings unique considerations and responsibilities.

Through the coaching relationship and a Customized Coaching Plan, you will be able to have the support you need to make it through the adoption process in the best possible way. The inside knowledge you will gain from working with us will reduce the anxiety and stress that the adoption process often brings to prospective parents.

How can you create powerful relationships with adoption professionals?
How does an open adoption really work?
When should friends and family be informed? How can we best prepare our friends and family? 
What about making the home ready for the child? What about a life book?
What is the best way to get information that might be valuable for the future?
How do I know or decide what we/I can handle?

Have Someone in Your Corner

Growing Intentional Families Together's Coaches are here to listen and provide you with the information and the individualized support you need 


Imagine sitting down with someone who understand your frustrations. 


Imagine having someone on your side, who will listen without judgment and allow you to ask the questions you may be afraid to ask, and a space to just be yourself.


Imagine receiving encouragement and strength for the journey through the adoption process.


Some first hand words from during the adoption coaching experiences

Melissa S.

My coach "was very professional, understanding and compassionate through my adoption process. We are older parents and I was beginning to feel that I needed to be extremely open to all situations but my coach talked to me about the importance of journaling and visualization and to focus on exactly the baby that I saw with our family. I committed to practicing that every morning that I woke up and within 6 months I had the baby that I had always dreamed about and most recently visualized and journaled about! She helped and guided me through many more things after the placement and I would highly recommend her to anyone going through the adoption process!!"

Laura B.

My coach "is supportive and encouraging and it was a pleasure and an honor to work with her. It will be no doubt one of the best experiences of your life to have a coach like her."

James G.

My coach, "is an experienced and empathetic coach who was able to ask important, probing questions without feeling intrusive. She listened without judgement and was able to give positive, actionable advice that will be of great use to me throughout the adoption process."

During the Adoption Coaching Options

Exploring Package

- Free 30 minute initial consultation
- 4 one-hour sessions
- Additional coaching available at $125 an hour
- Sessions are available in person, video conferencing or over the phone



This package is good for you if...

Need some help with focus

During our 5 sessions, our adoption coaches will discuss your expectations, hopes, and concerns to help you clarify your goals. We will explore what you need to do in order to get started on the adoption process such as gathering paperwork, researching adoption agencies, and considering what kind of adoption is a fit for you. We also will assist you in when and how to inform and engage your family and friends in your adoption process.

Comprehensive Package

- 12 one-hour sessions
- Available add-on of the Prepare/Enrich® Program*
- Discounted pricing available
- Sessions are available in person, video conferencing, or over the phone



This package is good for you if...

You want more than the basics

This comprehensive coaching package is designed to offer support and guidance throughout your adoption process that is based on Growing Intentional Families Together's Adoption Attunement Intelligence (AQ). We will begin with a brainstorming and strategizing session to develop a Customized Coaching Plan that establishes your specific goals and outcomes. During our 12 one-hour sessions, we will, empower you as you navigate areas of challenge, prepare you to meet with the social service agency, offer insights on your home study, 
determine what type(s) of adoption work for you, and  
address any questions or concerns that you may be hesitant to ask an adoption agency.

Additional Benefits of the Comprehensive Package

Optional addition of the Prepare/Enrich® Program 
Begin your twelve coaching sessions with a pre-adoption version of the Prepare/Enrich® assessment. Growing Intentional 
families coaches are certified Prepare/Enrich® professionals offering this innovative assessment reflecting on important relationship issues specific to adoption:
  • Adoption considerations – examine a variety of important pre-adoption issues and your readiness and commitment to the adoption process.
  • Adoption Expectations – focus on how realistic and aware you and your partner are about the natural challenges faced throughout the adoption process.
  • Adoption Parenting - understand issues related to adopting and parenting a child while maintaining a healthy, happy couple relationship.

*This add-on is $35 paid directly to Prepare/Enrich®

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