parenting courseIn January, most of us review the past year. Then we consider our intentions for the new year so we can set a clear parenting course for our family. We strive to learn from the past, celebrate family successes, and adjust for improvement.

As you clarify your parenting intentions and determine your parenting course for 2024, it is helpful to ask yourself some thought-provoking questions. Review these suggestions to help you frame your actions and intentions. Consider each question from the perspective of your own contribution and how it will affect family members individually and your family as a whole.

So, during 2023…

  • What worked for you as a parent?
  • What merits some tweaking?
  • What were your greatest areas of learning as an adoptive parent?
  • What additional parenting knowledge and skills do you want to acquire or grow?
  • How familiar are you with the Seven Core Issues of Adoption?
  • How have you addressed/healed your own “stuff” so it doesn’t burden your children?
  • What is your main parenting goal for this new year?
  • How will you create and monitor your attunement with each family member?
  • What is the way you connect most effectively with your child?
  • What is your greatest parenting fear?
  • What is your action plan for your 2024 parenting course?
  • What’s your first step?

As you develop your answers to these questions, notice which ones trigger a reaction for you. Examine what is activating your response. Identify how you will resolve that. Determine what you need to do or not do, learn or unlearn. Decide what resources and support you will need and then figure out how to access those resources. Design practices or reminders that will help you stay on track. Plan how you will track your progress

Consider working with one of our adoption coaches. They can support and strengthen your parenting skills as you set your parenting course for 2024.

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