The Prepare/Enrich® Assessment

Growing Intentional Families Together is proud to offer to its clients, a pre-adoption version of the Prepare/Enrich® assessment, a customized online survey that helps determine adoption readiness.

For over 30 years, the Prepare/Enrich® program has led the way in helping couples explore and strengthen their relationships with relevant, easy-to-use, scientifically developed relationship-building tools at every phase of the relationship life cycle.

Growing Intentional Families Together coaches are certified Prepare/Enrich® professionals offering this innovative assessment reflecting on important relationship issues specific to adoption:

  • Adoption considerations – examine a variety of important pre-adoption issues and your readiness and commitment to the adoption process.
  • Adoption Expectations – focus on how realistic and aware you and your partner are about the natural challenges faced throughout the adoption process.
  • Adoption Parenting — understand issues related to adopting and parenting a child while maintaining a healthy, happy couple relationship

At Growing Intentional Families Together, we understand and support the diverse nature of adoptions and families. Our coaches and the Prepare/Enrich® assessment present content relevant for committed partners considering adoption.

Contact Growing Intentional Families Together to learn about more about how coaching and the Prepare/Enrich® Assessment can prepare you for adoption success!