The Latest News from GIFT Family Services--Growing Intentional Families Together--

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Here are some of the latest happenings at GIFT Family Services

  • Coach Joann DiStefano is completing her training in Internal Family Systems. Her new focus will add depth to those who choose Joann as a coach. Congratulations, Joann!
  • Coaches Gayle Swift and Sally Ankerfelt conducted a seminar at last year's NACAC conference entitled, "Faith Communities as a Source of Healing and Connection."Check out the details on We encourage you to attend and gain new insights into adoptive and foster parenting.
  • We're excited to provide a  podcast, created by GIFT coaches Susan David and Joann DiStefano. The topics discussed are relevant to adoptive parenting and provide great ideas for your parenting toolbox. Here is a link to these podcasts on our website.

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