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Premiere Adoption Matters Podcast Episode: Growing Intentional Families Together 2024 Shaping the Future Award Recipient! 

Shaping the Future Award

Growing Intentional Families Together announces the creation of its first Shaping the Future Award to acknowledge the efforts of individuals and organizations committed to encouraging dialog across the adoption constellation. Our adoption coaching firm believes that a fuller view of adoption complexity grows a more complete picture, strengthens relationships and honors the individual’s personal experiences.

We award the 2024 Shaping the Future Award to

Isaac Etter

for his efforts on behalf of transracial adoptees to grow communication, nurture understanding, and further ADOPTION ATTUNED PARENTING PRACTICES, policies, and education within adoptive families and the adoption community.

Isaac Etter has a deep passion for innovating in the adoption and foster care space. He was adopted transracially as a toddler. Isaac began his advocacy work by speaking and leading trainings for adoptive and foster parents. He believes it is essential for families to talk about adoption and race honestly, openly and regularly. Isaac asserts that he wants to show parents how to help adoptees “grow up feeling seen and valued for all the aspects of their identity.”

Now a sought-after speaker and presenter, Isaac reaches out to others in the adoption constellation as a way of better serving the needs of adoptees, especially those transracially adopted.

Isaac is also the author of A Practical Guide to Transracial Adoption and the host of the podcast Inside Transracial Adoption. Both reflect Isaac’s core philosophy that “when parents are equipped, children are empowered, families thrive.”
Since 2010, Growing Intentional Families Together and its certified coaches have dedicated themselves to meeting the needs of the adoption constellation. We acknowledge the complex reality of adoption and recognize the need for a Tri Position Framework that reaches across the adoption constellation. Isaac’s work is a wonderful example of that outreach and aligns with our mission.

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