Our Mission, Our Message

GIFT believes adoption influences a family throughout their lives. We challenge the cultural myth which asserts adoption is a “happily-ever-after” event that permanently and painlessly solves the problems for children, adoptive parents, and birthparents.



has a message of hope and inspiration for adoptive families — You are not alone! The distinct challenges that adoptive and foster families experience are opportunities for growing, healing, and uniting family relationships. Our world needs strong families and GIFT believes creating intentional families will make an impact not only in this generation but in generations to come.


understand adoption as a beautiful and joyful way to become a family! Both as certified professionals and adoptive parents, GIFT adoption coaches know adoption impacts each family member in unique and sometimes challenging ways. Often joy gives way to grief; extraordinary love is contrasted with unspoken feelings of fear, profound loss, and emotional pain.


believe that by growing families intentionally – with a strong base of family values, trust, communication skills and an unyielding commitment to one another – families will flourish. GIFT coaches are committed to assisting you in developing a foundation that promotes growth and harmony within your family.


faced their own children’s struggles with difficult behavior, addiction, even incarceration — and know that affirmation, affiliation, and acknowledgment can lead to acceptance and peace without condoning nonworking behavior. GIFT adoption coaches have learned to walk that rocky path and are able and ready to guide your family to the other side.

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