Coaching & Support Before, During, and After Adoption

Custom Designed Workshops

Growing Intentional Families Together designs and facilitates a variety of workshops, from one-hour workshops for families to a more in-depth workshop for groups of parents or professionals, to presentations for adoption conferences.

Our adoption coaching workshop topics include:

Before and During the Adoption:

  • Pre-adoption Tools
  • Things You Need to Know Before Starting the

Adoption Process

Is Adopting A Child Right For You?

  • The Hidden Dangers of Adoption Myths
  • Build Your Adoption Library
  • Nurture Effective Communication with
  • Your Social Worker Through the Adoption Process

Parenting an Adopted Child:

  • Ways to Advocate for Your Child in the School System
  • How to Move from Empathy to Adoption Attuned Solutions
  • Build in Family Fun
  • The Identity Tapestry of Children with Multiple Families
  • The Art of Listening
  • How to Develop a Family Mission Statement
  • How to Create Authentic Relationships with Your Child(ren)
  • Identifying and Living with Ambiguous Loss

Serving Adopted Families:

  • Coaching to Empower Adoptive and Foster Families
  • How to Make Your Youth Group
  • Responsive to Children with Challenging Behaviors

Webinars for Special Groups:

  • Faith Communities as a Source of Connection
  • The How’s and Why’s of Being A Trauma-Informed Congregation
  • What Adoptees Need from Families and FaithGrowing Intentional Families Together’s Adoption Attunement (AQ) approach considers how adoption influences a child and includes:
  • Operate with a child-centric focus
  • Follow ethical practices
  • Acknowledge the grief and loss issues of all members in the adoption constellation
  • Understand the attachment process
  • Respect birth parents and first families
  • Recognize adoption as a family experience
  • Honor a child’s need to know and connect with their birth family
  • Integrate a child’s birth heritage
  • Remember a child’s story belongs to them
  • Model, teach, and hold healthy boundaries
  • Use sound adoption language
  • Embrace, when appropriate, moments to enlighten family, friends, teachers, and faith
  • communities about adoption
  • Encourage playfulness and good humor as a family value
  • Nurture and value a child’s innate talents and encourage them to be themselves
  • Parents work through their own grief and loss issues
  • Adoption-sensitive parenting techniques

Our coaches can develop workshops based on your specific needs. If you’re part of a family in need of guidance or are active in an adoptive parents support group that wants to broaden its horizons through coaching and education, let Growing Intentional Families Together build a custom workshop for you. Contact us to learn more about our adoption coaching services and workshops or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced coaches.

“…so thankful that I learned positive steps to get me out of my ‘funks’ and some great techniques to keep me motivated and excited about working towards my long-term goals.” — W.T.