AQ* (Adoption-attunement Quotient)

April 30, 2016


(Adoption-attunement Quotient)

AQ design variation

Sound adoption language

Knowledge of the attachment process

Considers of grief and loss issues

Respects birth parents and first families

Models and teaches healthy boundaries

Educates family, friends and teachers on adoption

Remembers that a child’s story belongs to him

Recognizes adoption as a family experience

Encourages playfulness and good humor as a family value 

Integrates a child’s birth heritage 

Nurtures child's innate gifts and talents

Validate child's need to know and connect with birth family

Parents work through their own grief and loss issues

Allows and encourages child to become their authentic selves




from ABC, Adoption & Me: A Multicultural Picture Book for Adoptive Families

—by Gayle H. Swift with Casey A. Swift


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