Family Values Come Alive in Our Actions

September 27, 2017

Family Values Come Alive in Our ActionsLately it feels like disaster looms everywhere. Wildfires burn in the west. Hurricanes assault our coasts. Earthquakes shake the continent. Floodwaters burden Texas. The potential for war with Korea feels possible. Puerto Rico struggles to recover from apocalyptic devastation. White supremacy, racism, civil rights, freedom of the press, health care--all swirl for our attention. Human rights. Civil rights. Personal rights. Adoptee rights.

How do we balance it all and ensure some resolution?

Intention. Values-based solutions. Action. All are necessary.

Choose to resist the  pull of trash talk, social media diatribes and finger-pointing. Instead, focus on formulating a well-reasoned stance that partners with an action plan. Whatever your views and values, move beyond talk, complaint and criticism. Change results from action.

Our families are directly affected by all this chaos. Our kids hear the news. They draw inferences. Often they rely on minimal information and sources with questionable accuracy. We all know kids tend to fault themselves like when difficulties such as divorce or adoption occur. Convinced that something about them caused the event to happen, kids shoulder a heavy emotional burden. We can and must help them understand that these circumstances result from adult choices and actions (or inactions.)

As Intentional families, we have a responsibility to help our children understand what is happening within our families, communities and country. Do this in age-appropriate ways. Discuss how your family values affect your thoughts, decisions and actions. Then follow through with ideas for how your family can "do" something to effect the desired results. Get as creative as possible. Choose activities to do as individuals and as a family. Find a way to have fun while you are making a difference.

Develop a family pattern of helping out in the community. Here are a few things you can consider:

  • Agree to perform an act of kindness every day.
  • Gather items for a food drive, storm relief, etc.
  • Explore the history of voting rights.
  • Decide how which daily actions you will take to help the planet
  • When you visit the playground, beach or park, bring gloves and a bag to gather trash.
  • Choose a project to do as a family
    • Hold a garage sale. Contribute proceeds to a good cause
    • Send letters to active duty military personnel
    • help serve a meal at a local food kitchen once a month
    • Bring a neighbor's trash to the curb
    • Run a lemonage stand for charity
    • Pick up litter in your neighborhood (Take appropriate safety precautions.)

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