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Reunion in Adoption- An Adoptee’s Personal Experience

by | Nov 5, 2014 | General Discussion

In our previous blog, a birth mother shared her reunion experience as she reconnected with her birth son twenty-nine years after his adoption. In this post, that son tells his side of the reunion experience–what it meant to him and how it has changed the trajectory of his life.
Deirdre and ParkerGetting off work at my new job and flying back to my room, my body zinged with excitement. After ten years of communicating, I was finally going to meet my birth mother, Deirdre, at the airport at noon. As I got myself dressed, you might think that my mind would be going a million miles an hour, but I was at one with my excitement because I knew that this day was right.

The reason I took so long to meet Deirdre was that I chose to spend most of the last decade in prison. Having a supportive family has been helping me in turning my life around and the relationship I built over the phone with my birth mom was a huge part of putting a lot of my issues to rest. She and I had both agreed that having waited so long we knew each other so well; this was just the next logical step in our adventure.

So dressed up, I get in my car and drive to her hotel to take my mom out to dinner. As I pull up, I see her on the balcony. Tall, blonde, beautiful–that’s my mom, no doubt. We both look so alike! As we hug for the first time in twenty-nine years, I feel an overwhelming feeling settle over me–love.

The weekend was a blur, great food, beach, paddle-boarding, volunteering. Hours of conversation, learning all about my extended family–so many cousins! We went to lunch and nosy folks thought we were a couple–Sugar Mama! Ha ha! It was an amazing few days in the South Florida sunshine. When she finally walked through the gate to get on the plane back to Iowa, I drove home in the pre-dawn hours with my life much more complete.

Meeting my birth mother was one of the most affirmative, empowering, life-changing events in my story. The next big step– will be traveling to Connecticut to meet the rest of my family this Christmas.

I am grateful for the relationship I have with Deirdre and also for the incredible support from my parents and sister in making our reunion so amazing. I encourage any adopted person to seek out your mother. She might fill a spot in hour heart you never knew was empty.

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