Creating Holiday Joy

December 6, 2017

Creating Holiday Joy Imagine strolling alone through a park, savoring the brisk winter air and enjoying a much-needed respite from work and family responsibilities. Overhead a picture-perfect sky arcs. You release a deep sigh and then ... behind you a branch snaps. Your reverie breaks and reality crashes back on to the forefront of your consciousness.

Daily life overflows with this kind of distraction which draws our attention away from our intended destination, mission or, goal. At this time of year, many of us feel both the joy and the burden of the holiday season. It weighs on our minds and hearts. We get caught up in the cultural effort to create a "Hallmark" holiday.

As we explored in last week's blog, the real meaning of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc cannot be found in a box or gift shop. It lies in the steadiness of connection, the joy of shared laughter, the balm of troubles divided. We all know this in our heart yet, we still find ourselves pulled in other directions striving to fill cultural expectations. Imagine being able to interrupt this entrenched pattern of subordinating your Intentions. How might this refresh your family life?

To help you stay on track with your highest intentions, ponder these questions about the last week.

Use your answers to guide you to a richer fulfillment of your goals next week. Strive to approach this without judging or criticising yourself. For this week, the goal is simply to notice. Before we can change, eliminate or, tweak patterns, we have to first become aware of them.

  1. How did I connect with each member of my family?
  2. When did we share a laugh?
  3. How fully did I immerse in the moment and resist the urge to get back to "doing" stuff?
  4. When my kids needed help regulating themselves, what alerted me?
  5. When I needed a break, how did my body let me know? How did I respond?
  6. How and when did I ask for help?
  7. When the kids needed help, how did they ask for it?
  8. What was the highlight of the week?
  9. What presented the biggest challenge? How did I handle it?
  10. What do I want to create with my family during the upcoming week?

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