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Fireflies, S’mores and Star-filled Skies: Making Family Memories

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 @ 01:07 PM

fireflies-smores-and-star-filled-skies-making-family-memoriesAs adherents of Adoption-attunement, we believe that having fun together as a family is an integral factor in building successful connection and attachment. It is far too easy to get hyper-focused on the education and discipline aspect of parenting and to lose sight of the priority fun needs to serve. Summer offers a perfect time for reprioritizing our focus.

Ensure that the memories your family shares include far more happy times than times of anger and disconnection.

How can we best bring joy into our daily family life? Get outdoors! We all know that spending time in nature benefits us in both body and spirit. Children crave being outside curling their bare toes in the sand, digging in the mud, climbing trees and running with the sheer pleasure of being alive.

fireflies-smores-and-star-filled-skies-making-family-memoriesIf ultra-high temperatures dissuade you from getting out, why not try some twilight of after-dark activities? Remember the delight of catching fireflies? Here are just a few ideas:

Spread a blanket and admire the stars.

Have a picnic supper.

Set out a dessert bar and indulge. Let kids pile on the ingredients. (Resume healthier eating on the next day.)

Make s’mores, play squirt gun or flashlight tag.

Take a night-hike around the neighborhood.


Dig deep into your own childhood memories and rediscover the simple activities you loved to share with your family and then update them for your own kids.

Please share your ideas and family traditions so we can all have more fun being family.



One Response to “Fireflies, S’mores and Star-filled Skies: Making Family Memories”

  1. Susan D says:

    I am here in Maui and enjoying the island and its beautiful scenery and aloha spirit. I’ve seen families enjoying their time together, #adoptivefamilies, too. Adoption-attuned parenting #AAQ asks us to make time for rest, relaxation and fun with our children. Creating good memories for the future and connection in the present. #adoption

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