Welcome From Susan

December 13, 2010


My name is Susan David. I am a founding member of GIFT, a mother of three children adopted by my husband and myself, and an adoption coach with GIFT Family Services. Certified as a Performance and Relationship Coach, I look forward to assisting and supporting families at any stage of the adoption process. GIFT is all about strengthening families with tools and strategies to make relationships flourish. And that includes families thinking about or already touched by adoption. I know that the decision to adopt is at first complex. One of my roles is to help families break it down into bite size chunks. Have you been thinking to yourself: Where do I start? Who do I go to? What kind of adoption? … Where do I start? Yes, a circle! Break the circle and create a path to your dream. Coaching is results oriented and focuses on your goals, your resources, your first steps – always holding firm to want YOU want. I encourage you to take that first step with GIFT and in building your family through adoption!


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