After the Adoption Coaching

As an adoptive parent, your parenting experience is unique.

You are noticing…

also your children need a different kind of parenting than the one you were raised with. Often, traditional parenting that centers around punishment and consequences does not work for our kids. There can be a lot of tears, meltdowns, anger, and frustrations that can cloud the laughter and joy.

Not only are we coaches, but also, we are adoptive parents who have raised our children and continue to parent. We all know that we never stop being parents! We remember those difficult days. We remember the moment we realized that our children needed something more, something different from us, than we were providing. We had to let go of the parenting techniques that worked in our families when we were kids but were not working now and try something new. For the Growing Intentional Families Together coaches, it took a great deal of trial and error and independent work to find solutions that would fit our families. It was difficult and felt very lonely at times.

What does my child need from me?
Is there a way to help them be less anxious?
How can we find more joy as a family?
How can I find time to be me?
How can I help our family not only survive but thrive?
What are some other strategies for parenting?
What other support systems can I implment?

Get the Support You Need

We do not want you to go through the same slow process we went through. In fact, one reason we became coaches was to become the help that we needed when our kids were growing up.


Imagine sitting down with someone who will hear your thoughts, questions, hopes, fears and concerns with someone who has faced and triumphed over the same challenges.


We will listen without judgment and allow you to ask the questions you may be afraid to ask. Imagine getting the support you need in order for your family to thrive.


By working with us, you will gain a new perspective and be equipped to bring change to your family.


Some first hand words from after the adoption coaching experiences

Our coach, “helped us as we discussed and dealt with numerous issues, some which we had never discussed as a family before. We found her approach, which came from a position of neutrality, encouraged us to look at ourselves and the situation and help us to come up with our own answers and solutions. She provided us with invaluable assistance…we wanted to use every tool that we had available to us as we worked to re-establish our whole and happy family.”


My coach’s “guidance and insights have been invaluable to me in moving through old unconscious belief systems; and taking on life issues and obstacles as they come up. Though I didn’t go to her for parenting advice in the beginning, I now count on her insights into approaching my kids, doing parenting, and constructing new paradigms for understanding and being with my children. My children are adopted and my coach knows adoption issues inside and out, though her parenting coaching would reach me and my children whether biological or adopted. Through coaching, I have created greater meaning and purpose in my parenting, my relationships, and my work.”

Monique T.

“[Growing Intentional Families Together] and my coach came to me when I was in an early stage of realizing that my parenting model with my daughter was shifting dramatically into an intense new chapter. Things were happening and my current perspective was woefully underprepared. Just scheduling an appointment and talking that first time, especially with a mom who—along with other moms—was taking these kinds of moments seriously….well, that found support was something of a miracle. Also, because I am familiar with the coaching role, I understood the orientation that our relationship would have—its unique characteristics/rhythms as well as limitations. If you, oh parent out there, is beginning to realize that you are feeling unsure, alone, a bit fearful….I encourage you to reach out to GIFT [Growing Intentional Families Together] for either a short-term ‘bridge’ relationship, or maybe something that serves you for a longer duration of time. We all will have greater courage together!”

Diane L.

After the Adoption Coaching Options

Exploring Package


  • Free 30 minute initial consultation
  • 4 one-hour sessions
  • Additional coaching available at $125 an hour
  • Sessions are available in person, video conferencing, or over the phone


This package is good for you if…

You need a little extra support

This package will give you the space and time to shift through your emotions to discover the core issues. Together, we identify the source of your weariness with parenting. We identify what is going on within the family. From there, we will set goals and make an initial plan to begin addressing the issues.

Comprehensive Package


  • 12 one-hour sessions
    Available add-on of the Prepare/Enrich®
  • Pre-adoption Assessment*
  • Sessions are available in person, video conferencing, or over the phone


This package is good for you if…

You want more than the basics

This package gives you the opportunity to choose what areas of focus you need, such as identifying behavioral issues stemming from loss and attachment, building your new parenting skill set, understanding the needs of your child, deciding how much personal information to reveal, handling difficult questions, developing your adoption sensitivity, identifying support in your area, and much more. Our support is based on Growing Intentional Families Together’s Adoption Attunement Intelligence (AQ) which provides a framework for discussing issues that you may be experiencing in your adoptive family.

Additional Benefits of the Comprehensive Package

Optional addition of the Prepare/Enrich® Program

Begin your 12 coaching sessions with a pre-adoption version of the Prepare/Enrich® assessment. Our adoption coaches are certified Prepare/Enrich® professionals offering this innovative program revealing important relationship issues specific to adoption:
  • Adoption Considerations – examine a variety of important pre-adoption issues and your readiness and commitment to the adoption process.
  • Adoption Expectations – focus on how realistic and aware you and your partner are about the natural challenges faced throughout the adoption process.
  • Adoption Parenting – understand issues related to adopting and parenting a child while maintaining a healthy, happy couple relationship.

*This add-on is $35. This fee is paid directly to Prepare/Enrich®