Coaching & Support Before, During, and After Adoption

Coaching for Considering Adoption

Are you discovering an interest in creating or growing your family through adoption?

Do you find yourself…

feeling curious, excited, maybe a bit nervous, and want to know more before you take the first step. We at Growing Intentional Families Together remember this part of the journey. We remember all the questions we had, including whether adoption was a fit for us. You probably have the same questions and more…

We remember how we wanted the “inside scoop” and not just the information we received from a website or an informational meeting. We wanted someone with experience who would spend time with us individually and share with us the details behind the details so we could make the best decision for us.

All of our adoption coaches are also adoptive parents or adoptees. Our adoption experience includes infant domestic adoption, private, international, transracial, foster care and older child adoption, and adoption through foster care.

Am I cut out for this? Am I too old or young to adopt?
We are a same-sex couple, what kind of challenges do we face? What options do we have?
What if my partner isn’t excited about adopting?
What are my chances of adoption if I’m single?
Which type of adoption would be best for my situation?
I have birth children, would it work to adopt?

Make a Confident and Informed Decision

Growing Intentional Families Together Coaches are here to listen and provide you with options and information you need


Imagine sitting down with someone who will hear your concerns and hopes.


We will listen without judgment and allow you to ask the questions you may be afraid to ask.


Imagine being able to make a decision and feel confident in your choice.


Some first hand words from coaching as people considered adoption.

“I find working with my coach to be one of the most important steps I am taking preparing to adopt a child. She helps me look at issues from new perspectives, think about situations that I would not have come up with, and help find solutions to those situations. Her insight is invaluable, as she shares her experiences and provides practical advice to help ensure I am prepared for parenthood. I know my coach will be there to help me every step of the way, and feeling that support is very comforting as I prepare for adoption.”


“Simple, productive & purposeful…Rephrasing & reflecting on my own words & thoughts provided clarity & purpose, without feeling like I was being “analyzed” by someone else…She helped me to create more self awareness and empowered me to take action and after I did, I’d say to myself…why was that so hard to do before? Why didn’t I do that before?”

Lindsey B.

“When I started my coaching experience, I was in a state of limbo. Coaching was the catalyst for essential introspection. The questions that had before seemed overwhelming became manageable because I was facing them. It gives you a great deal of power and fulfillment in your life to be able to freely consider what you want and what is right for your future.”

Amy W.

Before Adoption Coaching Options

Exploring Package


  • Free 30 minute initial consultation
  • 4 one-hour sessions
  • Additional coaching available at $125 an hour
  • Sessions are available in person, video conferencing, or over the phone


This package is good for you if…

You are on the fence about adoption

With your coach, you’ll explore your expectations, hopes, questions, and concerns with a skilled, experienced professional who is an adoptive parent.

Your decision is made and you are ready for the next step

With your coach, you’ll clarify your goals that will assist you in taking the first step. Explore the types of adoption, agencies, and ways to adopt to determine the best choice for your family. Your sessions will include valuable insights and strategies for making your adoption plan a success.

Comprehensive Package


  • 12 one-hour sessions
    Available add-on of the Prepare/Enrich®
  • Pre-adoption Assessment*
  • Sessions are available in person, video conferencing, or over the phone


This package is good for you if…

You want more than the basics

Together, we develop a Customized Coaching Plan that will help you reach your goal of adopting a child. Not only will you gain clarity on what type of adoption is a good fit, you will get valuable information on how to interview adoption agencies and identify which agency will serve you best. Most importantly, we will help you prepare your heart and your home for a child. Growing Intentional
Families Together’s Adoption Attunement Intelligence (AQ) provides a framework that will help you gain knowledge, strategies, and parenting tools to get in step with your child and their needs even before they arrive.

Additional Benefits of the Comprehensive Package

Optional addition of the Prepare/Enrich® Program

Begin your 12 coaching sessions with a pre-adoption version of the Prepare/Enrich® assessment. Our adoption coaches are certified Prepare/Enrich® professionals offering this innovative program revealing important relationship issues specific to adoption:
  • Adoption Considerations – examine a variety of important pre-adoption issues and your readiness and commitment to the adoption process.
  • Adoption Expectations – focus on how realistic and aware you and your partner are about the natural challenges faced throughout the adoption process.
  • Adoption Parenting – understand issues related to adopting and parenting a child while maintaining a healthy, happy couple relationship.

*This add-on is $35. This fee is paid directly to Prepare/Enrich®