At Growing Intentional Families Together, our primary objective is to empower those in the adoption constellation so families and individuals can thrive. For adoptees, we join with you as you navigate your unique situations such as birth parent search or reunion, adoptive family relationships, or self-discovery. For birth/first parents, we accompany you as you address your specific needs including reunion or open adoption dynamics. For adoptive parents, whether you are considering adoption, in the adoption process, or raising an adoptive family, we help you create a strong foundation built on knowledge, skills, and awareness so that your family can be connected and strong.

Growing Intentional Families Together Team

All of our coaches are members of the adoption constellation: an adoptee, a birthmother, and adoptive parents.  We are committed to centering the adoptee experience while also creating space for birthparents and adoptive parents. We acknowledge adoption complexity and coach through a trauma-informed lens.  Our certified coaches bring a wide variety of professional and life experience to support you wherever you are on your journey.

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“Some of the benefits I received from your coaching were thoughtful conversation … and brainstorming ideas to help me get through some difficult times … I would describe the coaching experience as relevant and thought provoking. I was accountable for myself because I knew we would converse next meeting on whether or not I had followed through”


“”[My coach] is a fantastic coach. She is able to build good rapport and has extensive technical knowledge while bringing in the softer side of issues based on actual experience. I would highly recommend her.””


“My GIFT coach “actively listened and understood my kids as Korean Adoptees. Each week I was given an assignment to achieve prior to meeting again. If I was unable to follow through on the assignment, we discussed my obstacles and challenges. [My coach] has a direct approach of continually challenging me by taking small steps toward my initial goal and eventually achieving it.”


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Adoption Matters: Real People, Real Life, Real Talk covering a wide variety of topics from the perspectives of the adoption triad



Covering a wide variety of topics related to adoption, you’re sure to find information to answer some of your questions.



Join us for a free recorded webinar, Is Adoption Right for You? The questions can be endless, so let’s explore them.

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