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Here are some of the latest happenings at GIFT Family Services

GIFT coaches Susan David and Joann DiStefano in addition to their usual podcast, “Essentials for Adoption-attunement Parenting” are hosting a timely new series that focuses on the confluence of Adoption-attunement (AQ), Intentional Parenting, and Racial Justice.

 Episode 1: explores what we as adoptive parents,  would have done differently had we known what we know today.

Episode 2: As Adoptive Parents and Adoption Coaches: What parents can do to help their children be part of the solution to racial inequities and nurture tolerance?

Episode 3: Special guest Lola Adebara, Founder and CEO of Minneapolis based Partnerships for Permanence shares some insights into adoption/fostering/ and racial justice.

Episode 4: Sharon Obazee adoption coach, adoptee, and a Black woman will discuss transracial adoption and how we can make a difference in our actions, words, families & communities through the lens that focuses on race and adoption.

Here is a link to previous podcasts on our website.



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