“Some of the benefits I received from your coaching were thoughtful conversation … and brainstorming ideas to help me get through some difficult times … I would describe the coaching experience as relevant and thought provoking … Coaching was something I looked forward to every week. I was accountable for myself because I knew we would converse next meeting on whether or not I had followed through.”— J.K.

GIFT offers adoption coaching services for families at all stages of the adoption process. This means we can:

  • Provide adoption consulting for those considering adoption who have questions and need guidance in deciding whether or not they want to adopt.
  • Offer help for adoptive parents through parenting workshops, family counseling exercises, and more.
  • Aid families in crisis through counseling for adoptive parents and counseling for adopted children.
  • Facilitate learning and development through sharing resources for adoptive parents and adoptees.
  • Encourage a strong, healthy, and loving family environment by working with you to address specific concerns or questions.
  • Help you get back in the driver’s seat of your life.

If you’re considering adoption coaching, contact us today to learn more about our adoption coaching and consulting services. We offer resources online and can provide adoption coaching services anywhere, anytime by phone or email through our network of experienced adoption coaches. Review our pricing for more information.

For all families at all stages of the adoption process, GIFT offers support, strength, and solutions.

Adoption Coaching vs. Adoption Therapy

In our experience, we’ve found that many adoptive families feel confused or have questions about the difference between coaching and therapy. To shed some light on our approach and how we’re different from other adoption guidance providers, we’ve outlined the differences between adoption coaching and adoption therapy.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional, client-focused partnership where the family or individual* is considered capable, healthy and whole, and able to achieve their goals with effective support, resources and guidance.

And, how is it different from therapy?

Coaching is different from therapy. Therapy concentrates on the origins of trauma, healing wounds, and processing painful experiences. Coaching is all about action. Coaching focuses on the present and seeks to help families develop strategies to address current challenges. A reputable coach recognizes the limits of his expertise. He will refer a family to a therapist or psychiatrist when appropriate.

Coaching, as an alternative resource, remains a powerful and innovative approach to building healthy family dynamics.

How well did actions and choices support the stated goal? How are patterns and habits affected by thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs? What changes might be implemented for better results? What resources can be utilized or added? Each piece of data becomes another part of the solution – and that’s the key word: solution.

A Focus on Action and the Future

As coaches with GIFT – Growing Intentional Families Together, we focus on actions and the future. We illuminate opportunities, solutions and growth. We use proven techniques and compelling questions that assist clients in seeing their resources and feeling empowered to be in the driver’s seat of their lives.

Begin your journey with our adoption coaches today. Contact us to get started.

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